Friday, July 22, 2016

August Classes!

My oh my....say it isn't so!  We've been seeing back-to-school ads that must means fall is around the corner.  BUT before we 'go there' we're making a big bang in August for you. Just check out these incredibly unique classes and register for at least 3 of 'em so you can get the Fall Gift Bag Class on the 30th for FREE!!  (...'ya KNOW you want to take it anyway, right?!?!?)  Lots of great fun in store...enjoy!!!

NORTHWOODS WOLF CARD:  The ‘wolf’ has returned!  It’s been quite a popular subject and you will learn all kinds of wonderful little tips and tricks for painting and coloring these beautiful images.  Don’t wait too long to register as each class has a 5-student limit.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Marsha on Tuesday, 8/2 from 2-4pm.  $8 
 BUTTERFLY KISSES SHADOW BOX & ALBUM:  Wow!  BoBunny never ceases to amaze us by out-doing themselves each season!  As part of this stunning paper collection called Butterfly Kisses, Denise will show you how to create this beautiful shadow box that comes complete with a matching mini album to boot!     Bring your basic kit to class.  With Denise on Wednesday, 8/3 from 10am-5pm.   $45
FIELD OF POPPIES: This class is simply amazing!  Susan is bringing this class back for another round it was so popular in June!  She will teach you how to actually DRAW these gorgeous poppies by hand and create these beautiful cards.  Yep - this is not a stamped'll be so proud of yourself for learning this technique.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Susan on Wednesday, 8/3 from 10:30am-Noon.  $5
(this image is posted from the previous offering - yes, we know the date is incorrectly showing here - the correct date is in the text above)
 TAGS! TAGS! TAGS!:  Once you learn a few of these little tricks to make gorgeous tags, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use them before this!  They make wonderful embellishments for cards or albums….and you can do so very much with them – from inks and stains to pearly stuff and doodahs!  You’ll learn it all.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Patsy on Thursday, 8/4 from 6-8pm.  $10
BUTTERFLY KISSES BOX:  Using the beautiful BoBunny Butterfly Kisses paper collection, you will learn how to transform a couple of pieces of plain white piece of heavy cardstock into this gorgeous box!  And in only ONE hour to boot!!  Stick around and sign up for the matching card class that follows this one and you’ll have a complete set for yourself or a great gift!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Diane on Friday, 8/5 from Noon-1pm.   $5
BUTTERFLY KISSES CARDS:  Butterfly Kisses is one of BoBunny’s newest paper collections and it’s simply one of our very favorites!  You’ll create these stunning cards learning all kinds of embellishment tricks of the trade…die cutting, Stickles, inking, distressing, and lots more.   Oh, and if you didn’t already read about it, there is a matching card box you can learn how to make too!  That class is just ahead of the card class. Bring your basic kit to class.  With Diane on Friday, 8/5 from 2-4pm.   5/$18
GIRLY “TOOL” BOX:  OK, Ladies!!  You know you all need this one, right?  It’s totally diverse.  It can be used as a craft tool box, an indoor herb garden (Caron’s favorite), in the bathroom for lotions & potions or as a centerpiece for your table (silverware, napkins, salt and pepper). In addition to your basic kit, please also bring if you have them a pencil, scissors, Xacto knife, foam brushes and Soft Gloss Gel.  If you don’t have some of these things, it’s okay…Caron will have them on hand, but it might go faster if you can bring your own instead of sharing.  With Caron on Saturday, 8/6 from 10am-1pm.  $23 
(LIMIT of 5)
CARDS TO “DIE” FOR:  Get extra mileage from your dies!  Don’t just use them for simple cardstock alone.  In this class, you will learn how to use dies and double sided adhesive to cut and glitter the sections.  No messing around with transfer sheets.  This is easy and fun! Turning the accordion dies into TUNNEL CARDS to make a diorama is a great way to totally change the look of the accordion dies.  Any of the accordion dies can be used to create a tunnel card – the possibilities are endless!  We will also alter the shimmer sheetz with alcohol inks to give that old antique look.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Caron on Saturday, 8/6 from 2-4pm.  $17
THIS GUY ALBUM:   What a great album to gift to that special GUY in your life!  Or simply fill it yourself with photos of him or the whole clan of guys in your life!  It’s such a fabulous deal – awesome paper and lots of room inside for photos!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Pat on Sunday, 8/7 from 11:30am-4pm.  $25
OPAL MAGIC MIXED MEDIA MINI CANVAS:  OMG!  That’s all we can say….what a gorgeous mini canvas to adorn your mantle, coffee table, or night stand.  Or gift this one to someone special - after all, dragonflies do symbolize change and happiness.  Julia has fashioned lots of incredible pieces into this mini canvas – you’ll learn oh so much. Bring your basic kit to class.  With Julia on Sunday, 8/7 from Noon-2:30.  $18
AQUARIUM CARD:  This dimensional piece will keep you mesmerized with all its shiny and shimmery contents.  You’ll think you’re looking at a real aquarium!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Juli on Monday, 8/8 from 10:30am-2pm.  $15
CORNER STAND-UP CARDS:  Soooooo…it’s not about a ‘stand-up’ comic, but this stand-up card is a very unique idea and one that will surely still bring lots of smiles!  You’ll learn how to use this unique folding technique to create a lovely base that can house many, many great pop-out features!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Judi on Tuesday, 8/9 from 10am-Noon.   2/$10
CHRISTMAS TAGS:  Donna is extending the Christmas in July just a bit by taking her folding techniques to the next level in creating these beautiful Christmas tags!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Donna on Wednesday, 8/10 from 10am-Noon.  $10  
TEA BAG CLUB:   This fun little ‘Club’ is not so little anymore!  Tea Bag folding has gone as ‘viral’ as it can at Artsy.  Classes fill up quickly – so quickly that we are offering it twice this month!  This month Donna brings you these stunning Butterfly folds!  PLUS, you’ll learn how to ‘make them fly’ at the same time!!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Donna on Wednesday, 8/10 from 2-4pm  OR Tuesday, 8/16 from 2-4pm.  $10
NORTHWOODS COVERED BRIDGE CARD:  The Northwood summer stamp collection is a hit!   You’ll learn some awesome tips and tricks to bring this charming covered bridge to life.  It will surely bring joy to its recipient (even if it’s you!). Don’t wait too long to register as the class has a 5-student limit.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Marsha on Thursday, 8/11 from 2-4pm.    $8  (LIMIT OF 5)
LEMONADE STAND ALBUM:  What a fun and colorful way to enjoy those great summer photos!  Grace is opening this up to those who only would like to make the blank only on Friday night, as well as to those who want to make the entire project over both days.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Grace on Friday, 8/12 from 5:30-8:30pm AND Saturday, 8/13 from 9am-4:30pm.  $65 for Full Project, $35 for Blank only on Friday night.
G45 SAFARI 3D:  Calling all you adventure lovers….and wild animal fans!  NEW from Graphic 45 – it’s the Safari Collection and Julia will teach you how make these animals literally pop off the page! Learn how to use 3 sheets of the same paper to bring dimension and life to this image.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Julia on Saturday, 8/13 from 2-4pm.   $12 (or $8 for ‘repeaters’)
STAMPING AROUND:  Just like the name says….you’ll learn how to use a simple stamp to create such a lovely and versatile border ‘around’ your card! Super fun…plus a branch stamp is included in this one!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Patsy on Sunday, 8/14 from 1-3pm.  2/$10
QUILTED CARDS:  Boy, oh boy….we have such clever ideas this month (well…we do every month we think, but this ‘brings it’)!   You’ll learn from the ‘master’ how to bring that quilted feel to your card making as well as a bit about paring colors and patterns.  Bring your basic kit.  With Patsy on Monday, 8/15 from 10:30am-12:30pm.   3/$10
TEENY, TINY CARDS:  So much fun with such a small subject!!  But don’t let the name fool you – you’ll fall in love with these cute little cards.  This month is two-step stamping techniques!  It’s fun and simple – and oh so effective!  To those of you skeptics out there, don’t let the size fool you!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Patsy on Monday, 8/15 from 1:30-2:30pm    $7
DISTRESS STAIN CARDS: He’s baaaaack!!! Doug has returned after being away from teaching for nearly a year.  But what a bang he’s coming back with.  Wow!  These cards are so full of secrets and techniques you’ll think you’re working with a detective!  Not really, but they are full of great techniques using the Distress Stains.  So get registered today – there’s a limit of ONLY 6 students!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Doug on Tuesday, 8/16 from 10:30-Noon.  2/$10  LIMIT of 6.
PAINT & STENCIL TECHNIQUE CLASS:  Paints and stencils can bring such clever and easy style to any of your papercrafting projects from cards to artboards - and everything in between!  Cherri is truly an expert with these techniques and will quickly build your confidence in using both large and small stencils!! Bring your basic kit to class.  With Cherri on Wednesday, 8/17 from 1:30-3:30pm.  $18
PRIMARY ELEMENTS MICA POWDERS TECHNIQUES:  Beautiful little powders glittering in a pot.  What happens when you open them and start playing?  Come find out!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Julia on Wednesday, 8/17 from 1:30-3:30pm.   $15
TAGS (& BLOCKS) HOME SWEET HOME:     Bring your basic kit to class.  With Grace on Thursday, 8/18 from 6-8pm.   $15  (Be sure to tell the sales associate when you register if you’re a newbie to this class and need the blocks too – there is a one-time additional cost of $15 for the blocks that the tags attach to.)

(this image is posted from the previous offering - yes, we know the date is incorrectly showing here - the correct date is in the text above)
 RUSTY SECRET:  What a great ink and distressing-technique class – especially if you’re a vintagy kinda gal!  You’ll take away lots of great ideas that can be used on many of your papercrafting projects! Bring your basic kit to class.  With Kathy on Friday, 8/19 from 2-4pm    $7
APRON CLUB:  By popular demand, the Apron Club returns to Artsy – LIMIT TEN.  Plain canvas quality apron with three pockets will be turned into an original “work of art”!  Make one for yourself, a gift, or a seasonal design.  The morning will include laying down background colors and/or patterns and a sample art practice piece on canvas.  The aprons will be ironed to heat set and left to dry over lunch break.  The afternoon will include designing your own apron style with stencils/paints, stamps/ink and applicator-tipped-acrylic-paint tube for writing and drawing whatever your heart desires.  Includes all supplies.   With Cherri on Saturday, 8/20 from 10am-4pm.  $30 Class fee + $10 Apron fee to instructor.  If you’re a repeater and have taken this class previously, $20 Class fee + $10 Apron cost to instructor.
SISTERHOOD REUNION #2:  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scrap Journal reconvenes with their second reunion! Please bring your book for show and tell.  Also bring basic tool box and a few pieces of coordinating journal paper.  Mentoring includes beading on altered journal book edges, plus beaded “dragonfly”.  This is an ongoing group and the fee is paid directly to Cherri.  If you're interested in joining in, newbies are certainly welcome - please speak with Patsy or Cherri in advance. With Cherri on Sunday, 8/21 from 12:30-3pm.  $7 
LOVELY LAVENDER CARDS:  Are you loving those beautiful ladies from the Pion Designs lavender paper collection?  Come get your fix with these old world-charm cards.   Bring your basic kit to class.  With Juli on Monday, 8/22 from 10:30am-Noon OR on Thursday, 8/25 from 6-8pm.  2/$10. 
PAINT CHOICE CARDS:  Say whaaaat?  What the heck does THAT mean???  Well…in this class, you’ll discover a REALLY clever little “tool” and you simply won’t believe what Sue uses to create these fabulous cards!  Hint????  It’s NOT card stock.  This is also a fabulous class for newbies.  There’s a little bit of everything – stamping, dry embossing, using a matting tool, and lots of fun die cutting (but not on cardstock!!)!  You’ll just have to sign up and check it out – you’ll learn so much, have a ton of fun, and honestly won’t be disappointed!  Bring your basic kit to class. With Sue on Tuesday, 8/23 from 10:30-12:30.  4/$10 (or if you’re a quick learner, you can make a few more if time allows!)
ALCOHOL INK TECHNIQUES:  Little tiny bottles of ink can make fabulous backgrounds when you learn how to use them.  Bring your basic kit to class.    With Patsy on Wednesday, 8/24 from 6-8pm.  $25
ART BOARD SERIES:  This is the last of the three decorative art board classes.  Use these to adorn your studio or walls.  Change up accent colors to your favorite colors.  Also, change up hand-lettered words with any saying you prefer.  Products used include gel medium and the new Tim Holtz brushes.  Bring #2 through #6 round artist’s brushes if you have; no basic tool box or other supplies required.  Abstract art requires no prior experience.  With Cherri on Friday, August 26th from 2 – 4:30pm.  Class fee is $12.50 plus a $2.50 supply fee.  If you take more than one, the “repeaters” classes will be $10 plus the supply fee.
$1 CARDS!!  Yep!  It’s been a while since we had this kind of fun so we’re haulin’ out all the pieces, parts, and miscellaneous doodahs for you to play with!  Like usual, there will likely be at least 6 different cards to make, all for $1 each.  Bring your basic kit to class since adhesives and tools are not provided.  Call or stop in the store to reserve your time slot.  Limited space is available in each time slot to help us plan enough supplies for everyone.  On Saturday, 8/27 from Noon-4pm.  $1 per card made.
G45 HALLOWEEN IN WONDERLAND CARDS AND BOX:  This class was so popular in July and filled up so FAST that we’re bringing it back for August!  You’ll use the brand new Halloween paper collection from Graphic 45 is so much fun and brings new meaning to jumping down the rabbit hole for sure!!  Learn how to create this adorable little card box and coordinating Halloween cards.  Perfect little gift set for the “Alice” addicts in your life!!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Diane on Saturday 8/27from 10am-4pm.  Box & 6 cards/$25  LIMIT of 8.
MINI ALBUM:  This mini album is packed full of beautiful vintage charm!  It’s one that will be cherished for decades.  Don’t delay though, there is a 5 student limit!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Shana on Sunday, 8/28 from Noon-3pm.  $35  LIMIT of 5
STEAMPUNK CARDS:  Woohoo - Denise has gone totally dimensional!  And what a super fun subject – Steampunk.  You’ll learn so very much in this class – including how to make a shaker card!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Denise on Sunday, 8/28 from 12:30-2:30pm.  3/$15
FALL GIFT BAGS:   It’s so hard to believe that we’re already starting to look toward Fall, but yep…it’s going to be here in a couple short months!  And there’s no better way to get ready for it than by learning these great ideas and techniques to make beautiful gift bags for those harvest gifts!  You can register for this class independently or you can attend for FREE when you Buy 3 classes in AUGUST!!!  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Patsy on Tuesday, 8/30 from 6-8pm.  $5 or FREE with purchase of 3 AUGUST classes!!
NORTHWOODS FANTASY SUNFLOWER CARD:  One can never have too many Northwoods stamps…are we right??  You’ll have a fun time learning watercolor techniques that will convert this sunflower into something much different than what is traditionally expected!   Don’t wait too long to register as this class has a 5-student limit.  Bring your basic kit to class.  With Marsha on Wednesday, 8/31 from 2-4pm.  $8  (LIMIT OF 5)